Leaflet distribution is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your business and services. However, to be successful you need to know about leaflet marketing and have a solid leaflet distribution strategy which should include distributing to the correct businesses and in the right way to promote your business. Below we explore B2B leaflet distribution and the right way it should be done.

Target the right business

You need to target the right businesses and this means doing your research. Distributing leaflets to businesses who will not use your services is a waste of your time and money, so be selective. Find out which local businesses you could work with and target them with a leaflet drop.

Distribute face to face

Many businesses do not realise the importance of face to face contact when distributing leaflets. Although targeted leaflet drops are hugely successful, you can do one better by dropping your leaflets off in person. Chatting to the business owner and discussing your services can only be an added advantage. They then have your details, should they wish to get back to you.

Choose the right leaflet distribution company

Running your own business will not leave you much time to research those businesses who would benefit from your services, so why not use a leaflet distribution service? Leaflet distribution companies will help you not only target the right companies, but they can also assist you with leaflet design and layout.

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