Which option should you choose for your leaflet marketing campaign? The right format depends on your budget, target audience, and information you want to deliver. See how flyers, brochures, and leaflets can help grow your business.


A good choice if you want a low-cost option for leaflet distribution. Used to announce events or promote products and businesses, printed in different sizes and single or double-sided. Use flyers for one-off events or offers with no need for premium paper and design, keeping your costs down.


When you want to give more information than a one-page flyer, a brochure helps you do that. The different panels make it easy to define different offers and services on separate pages, with a more professional look and feel. Often used to present a company or product in more detail, highlighting features and services to generate more sales or leads.


Leaflet printing is ideal when you want the same format as flyers, but with a higher quality print design and paper. Instead of the ´throwaway´ format of lower quality marketing materials, leaflets are ideal when you want to display them long-term in offices, shops or display stands. The quality and design help your information stand out and encourages clients to keep it for future reference.

All three formats are effective for leaflet marketing and are valuable advertising tools you can use to get information directly to your customers instead of waiting for them to find you online.

If you are still unsure on which format is the best option for your business, contact a company like BKR Leaflet Distribution which offers flyer design and printing UK-wide with leaflet distribution services in the East and North Yorkshire. They advise you on which format works best for different advertising needs and how to get the most visibility for your company, products or event.