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Hull (Kingston upon Hull)


Hull (Kingston upon Hull) is a city port on the East Yorkshire Coast comprising of a vast demographic audience and culture, making the City of Hull an perfect location to carry out door to door leaflet distribution. Hull was the City of Culture for 2017.

Distribution plans available in Hull include Shared Distribution, Targeted Distribution, Solus Distribution and Business to Business Distribution

Our Hull leaflet distribution teams are GPS tracked and accompanied by an adult distribution supervisor throughout the distribution process. Our supervisors will carry out random back-checks throughout the day to ensure maximum effectiveness of our leaflet distribution campaigns. This gives them an idea of how well each distributor is doing and also enables us to guarantee the distribution for our clients.

Our Solus Leaflet Distribution plan will allow you to have full control of your delivery campaign. You will be able to choose the exact location of your leaflet distribution drop. You can also choose the exact dates that your material is distributed. Most importantly your leaflet will be distributed alone. This gives your leaflet maximum exposure to your potential customers and often significantly increases the return on investment from your campaign.

Postcodes available in Hull (Kingston upon Hull) are as follows:

HU1 – HU1 2, HU1 3
HU2 – HU2 0, HU2 8, HU2 9
HU3 – HU3 1, HU3 2, HU3 3, HU3 5, HU3 6
HU4 – HU4 6, HU4 7
HU5 – HU5 1, HU5 2, HU5 3, HU5 4, HU5 5
HU6 – HU6 0, HU6 7, HU6 8, HU6 9
HU7 – HU7 3, HU7 4, HU7 5, HU7 6, HU7 0
HU8 – HU8 7, HU8 8, HU8 9, HU8 0
HU9 – HU9 1, HU9 2, HU9 3, HU9 4, HU9 5

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The total household count for Hull (main) is 120,370 (updated 2019)

The total population for Hull is 284,321 (2011 census)

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