If you run a business then your main sources of advertising are probably through email marketing and social media. However, you shouldn’t dismiss the power of the flyer which is stronger than ever before. Below we explore 10 reasons why you should invest in a flyer distribution service.

1. People like print

People now crave the feeling of paper and to read print, as opposed to reading from a screen. This will make people want to read your flyer or promotional item and keep them interested for a longer period of time.

2. Creates trust

People trust the printed word more than digital marketing due to the rise of fake news. This makes using a flyer distribution service incredibly worthwhile.

3. People will read it

Flyer distribution is effective due the direct method of delivery. Each item is pushed through the homeowners letterbox, ensuring it has to be touched and read (even if it’s just a glance!) by the individual receiving.

4. The emotional response

When someone is given a flyer it generates an emotional response. This helps build a connection with your business and brand.

5 The age of digital overload

We are bombarded on a daily basis by emails and online advertising. The flyer can be a welcome change from this overload.

6. It can boost your online marketing

When you use a flyer distribution service that features online links and QR codes, it will help reaffirm any online marketing and often help boost your campaign.

7. You can be more creative

You can be creative with your flyer design, choosing from a range of fonts, images and finishes to create that wow factor.

8. Target your audience

A flyer distribution service makes it so much easier to target specific people or households, as opposed to online marketing that can often be ‘blanketed’ with no real idea of who has read it.

9. They are so versatile

Flyers come in a range of sizes, styles and special features that allow you to enhance your business profile and reinforce your brand.

10. Cost effective

Finally, when you use a flyer distribution service you will find a great return for your money, it is often deemed one of the cheapest ways to promote your brand or business.

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