We believe transparency is key, that’s why we have answered some of the most popular asked questions below. 

Q: Will leaflet distribution help me get new customers?

A: Leaflet distribution is a great way to promote your business or service and is already benefiting hundreds of small, medium and large businesses alike. As with any marketing, it isn’t 100% guaranteed to generate results. Factors such as design, cost and the service on offer can effect the response rates you receive. However, in our years of operating, it is extremely rare that our clients receive zero response from their campaign. 

Q: Does leaflet delivery actually work?

A: The simple answer is yes. After all, we built a whole business around it with some customers still utilising our services over 9 years later. Leaflet Distribution is still the preferred way to get a promotional message out to the masses. In fact, 9 out of 10 adults recall seeing promotional literature, with over 45% of those hanging onto it to use at a later date. 

Q: I haven't a clue where to start, can you help?

A: Of course, if you are carrying out leaflet distribution for the first time, it may all seem pretty daunting. Don’t worry, we’ve been servicing clients for over 9 years and have probably heard every question that may be running through your mind. We can help take you from a simple idea, all the way through to a completed design and flyer, landing on potential customers doormats. 

Q: I already have my own leaflets printed, will you still deliver them?

Of course, in fact, it’s a question we get asked a lot. Just because you are utilsing our distribution options, it doesn’t mean you have to use our design and print services. However, should you require your promotional items designing and printing, we have a full team at your disposal. Plus save 20% on any associated print when you book in conjunction with a leaflet campaign. 

Q: The price seems competitive, are there any hidden costs we should be aware about?

A: No, if all of the information you have provided is accurate, then there should be no other costs to pay. If you require collection of your promotional items a small surcharge may be applicable however we will confirm any costs during your quotation period. 

Q: I've used companies in the past and had a bad experience. How do I know my leaflets will be delivered?

A: Unfortunately a common question. We have implemented a number of measures to ensure maximum effectiveness. This includes adult only, supervised teams. We believe in building long-term relationships, not quick pay days. If you are unsure, always check out a companies reviews prior to booking. 

Q: I wanted to get started straight away. How quickly can you start my campaign?

A: That all depends on the service you require. If you are utilising our Shared service, we will need to ensure we have other clients ready for your chosen areas. If you are in a hurry and your campaign is time-sensitive. You may wish to consider our Solus plan. 

Q: I want to ensure I reach the right audience for me. How targeted can my campaign be?

Our base Shareplan service is targeted via postcodes as standard, ensuring you can reach the right demographic audience. Should you require more in-depth targeting, you may want to consider our Shared Targeted plan, this enables you to target specific areas, wards and even household types. We will always ensure you have the best possible service for your indiviudal requirements. 

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