Leaflet campaigns are a popular method for businesses to make people aware of the products or services they have to offer. But successful leaflet marketing is not as simple as throwing some text and pictures on a page and distributing it.

Here are seven top tips for implementing a successful leaflet distribution campaign.

1. Research your target audience

Before you begin, you need to pinpoint exactly who you want to speak to with your messaging. This will then help you decide what sort of language and imagery will best resonate with that audience.

2. Decide the key selling points

Once the USPs or key messages have been established, these will provide the central focus of your leaflet design. Make sure they stand out, rather than being buried in amongst other text or crowded out by images.

3. Stay on-brand

Make sure your leaflet is designed to represent your brand, building recognition and awareness. Take into account your brand colours, tone of voice and even font.

4. Use images wisely

Images can be the most powerful part of a leaflet campaign. It’s what the eye will be first drawn to and dictates the sort of impressions the audience will start to build about your company.

5. Offer a discount or promotion

If you’re thinking of enlisting the services of leaflet distribution companies, it’s likely to be because you’re trying to raise awareness of your company, or because you have something new to offer. A great way to drum up early interest is to include an offer or promotion to entice new customers to engage.

6. Make it professional

You’ve got great messages, pinpointed your audience and got a striking image. So don’t allow the quality to drop when it comes to printing. Source a good business leaflet printing outlet and ensure good quality paper is used. At BKR, we utilise some of the top print houses in the country, our expertise and industry knowledge allows us to provide, top of the range, hi-definition print at accessible price points.

7. Include a call to action

Don’t forget to tell the audience what their next steps are. If they need to contact you to register for an event or visit your website to make a purchase, ensure this is clear and simple.